Thursday, January 21, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Xul the Necromancer Confirmed (Melee Specialist)

Dustin Browder Confirmed the Necromancer Xul as being a Melee Specialist that will soon come to Heroes of the Storm (HotS). He also confirmed Li-Ming, a ranged Assassin

Xul Abilities:

Spectral Scythe (Q) — A “reverse skill-shot,” where you lay a scythe down at a target point that swings back towards you.

Cursed Strikes (W) — Causes Xul’s basic attacks to turn into AOE and also curse enemies to reduce there attack speed by 50%. This will be good against fast heroes or multiple-Warrior team compositions.
Bone Prison (E) — A targeted ability that warns enemy heroes of their impending fate and then 2 seconds later roots them in place.
Poison Nova (R1) — AOE that comes off of Xul and spreads a huge amount of damage around him (it sounds similar to Defile in WoW). You’ll want to use this in the center of teams to maximize damage.
Skeletal Mages (R2) — A wall of mages forms at a distance, sort of like Tassadar’s Force Wall. Unlike Force Wall, though, it doesn’t block all movement but rather slows enemies hit by the mages.
Bone Armor (1 key) — Xul gets one more baseline ability to give him extra survivability when approaching the front line, a bonus shield worth 25% of his health.
Trait: Raise skeleton from fallen minions. Can have max of 4. Last 15 seconds. Good at wearing down towers/minions/blocking skill shots.

Notes: Xul is an incredibly diverse hero with a varying number of talent builds to play as you choose. You can spec into his Skeletal Minion trait to turn him into a hardcore powerful pushing character. Spectral Scythe is good for poking at enemies and lane clear. Cursed Strike is a fantastic counter to heroes who rely on attack speed like Illidan, Thrall, and Butcher. Bone prison forces an enemy to make a split-second decision as to where to move for when they are stunned. Very powerful against Jaina/Kael who have no ways to escape.