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All things gaming and gaming related.
Uninfluenced honest opinions about the industry and its current state.

Game previews, reviews, gameplay, guides and more.
Hardware reviews, unboxings and guides.

Current Coverage :

Warframe: Build, Guide, "New player-friendly" Tutorials, Gameplay.

Playthrough & Throwback Series: The Throwback series is meant to shed some light on older tittles that you might not know of. The series will only contain games which I deem worthy of experiencing at least once.

PC Game reviews: My honest opinion after testing / playing few hundred hours, about some of the most acclaimed games of the moment.

Heroes of the Storm, Build, Guide, Tutorial, Ranked, Gameplay, Patch Overview, Team Fight Analyzed and anything else that i consider would be interesting to see.

"Let me Try" is a first impressions series made as a buyers guide to help you decide if you are interested in the specific titles presented.

Other games: Short compilations, gameplay & reviews for up-to-date games.

Unboxings of various tools and hardware leaning towards more gaming oriented gear. 

Gundam / Gunpla Model Kits: Showcase & Mmontage (Clip, clean, sand, panel lining), Tips & Tricks.

Overwatch : For the new Hero Brawler we do Gameplay, Build, Guide, News and anything else that is cool to see.

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