Monday, April 4, 2016

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My name is Leyzar, together with my wife Anisya we created the YouTube gaming channel LeyzarGamingViews which was initially a passion project born out of our undying love for gaming!
We offer a unbiased perspective on our favorite games, we have a much more analytical approach when it comes to more important subjects such as taking a look at a business model but never forget to have fun which remains the true essence of gaming (if you ask us at least :D)

What do we cover ?

Currently we focus heavily on Heroes of the Storm as it is our favorite game. This Blizzard Moba strives to achieve a balance between competitive and casual, trying to please two very different categories of gamers. 
For HotS We have the following formats :

-Gameplay (Normal & Ranked)
-Build Showcase
-Build Guide
-Hero Review/Preview
-Live Reactions to unveils
-Kill Compilations featuring singular heroes
-News & Updates

Overwatch is another tittle we follow yet at a more leisurely pace as the game is not out yet and most players do not have access to it.

-News & Updates

And anything else we think is interesting and would be worth showing!
Perhaps the most important thing is that we try to keep our viewers up to date with what is going on in their favorite game! Not everybody wants to sit and check 20 websites every couple of minutes so we provide this service.

Why should you support us ?

This one is pretty simple, If you enjoy what we do, if you find value and entertainment in our videos and you want to help us keep making these videos then that's all there is to it.
The rewards should be seen as an added bonus, the reason you would want to support us is that you enjoy our content and want us to keep on creating it...but a little perk never hurt nobody :D
Our content will always remain free and any support you consider is worth pledging so we can go on creating our content is greatly appreciated.

Thank You! Your support is greatly appreciated!
Leyzar & Ani