Monday, May 21, 2018

Tiberon Prime Build 2018 (Guide) - The Ultimate Assault Rifle (Warframe Gameplay)

The Zephyr Prime patch brought us two weapons: A very pretty Kronen Prime and an absolute monster of an assault rifle, in the form of the Tiberon Prime.

Hey guys, hello and welcome back. As always, my name is Leyzar, and today we're gonna be diving deeper into this absolute powerhouse of a weapon, Tiberon Prime. We're gonna be covering something cheap, something affordable that anybody can get into, but we also have an endgame set up with a Riven. There is a lot of ground to cover, so, let's jump right into the Tiberon Prime.

By default, the weapon comes equipped with firing modes, that you can switch using your old fire that's your middle mouse button. The first part of the video will focus on analyzing the stats and checking out how exactly do those fire modes affect the status chance and the Crit Chance.

My weapon has been format five times, but for the build I'm recommending you guys, or for the builds I'm gonna be recommending, four forma should already be enough

Now, let's slap on some mods, first we're gonna cover the mandatory mods for mostly any assault rifle.

First off, the first thing you want to do is ... slap on some flat  damage. When it comes to damage we have two options: Serration, which has 165% extra damage, and Heavy Caliber. Heavy Caliber will also add a 165 % damage, however you're gonna be taking an accuracy loss, minus 55%, which is quite the wallop, at least maxed out. Now, taking that accuracy loss into account, your accuracy becomes 16.8 across the board. It becomes manageable, it's okay at medium and short ranges, and at long ranges the accuracy loss will hurt your damage. For now we're gonna stay away for it but I do believe it is worth using Heavy Caliber on the Tiberon Prime, especially for certain situations. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Aklex Prime Build 2018 (Guide) - Are Two Better Than One ? (Warframe Gameplay)

Do you remember your first Prime Weapon? Mine was the Lex Prime, and it was such a tremendous experience! The weapon had fantastic accuracy, a lot of damage and it just felt so damn powerful! Hey guys, hello and welcome back. As always my name is Leyzar and today we're talking about these beauties: The Aklex Prime.

With a mastery lock out of 15, these babies sure can pack one serious punch, however they do come with some drawbacks. Considering the high master lockout on these weapons, I'm gonna be assuming you already know the basics, so, without further ado, let's jump into the Aklex Prime.

Firstly, let's check out how the weapon handles without any mods equipped, and I'm mashing my button right now, so you can see the maximum fire rate, and how it aligns to that huge recoil (Video).
The Aklex Prime has one of the biggest recoils in the game so if you want to hit a target in the exact same place, you can't exactly make use of the full fire rate, unless you try to re-aim and control that recoil, at least a little bit. And as you saw there, the reload time, considering you only got 16 shots in a clip, is a bit long at 3 seconds.

In the first part of the video we are taking a closer look at the stats, and a short comparison vs Lex Prime. Before we slap on any mods, please take note that my weapon has been format a total of seven times, but for the build I'm recommending you guys, five should be enough.

First thing we put in mostly any weapon is ... flat damage, and it's gonna be Hornet Strike. If you guys have prime versions of any of the mods that i recommend, then by all means, go right on ahead and use your prime versions.

For the sake of presentation the initial build, the recommended build, will be affordable, cheap, something that anybody can get into.

Baro Ki'Teer the Void Trader (May 18th) - Quick Recommendations (Warframe Gameplay)

Today, May 18th, Baro is back in town, so I want to give you a quick run-through of what he brought us this time, and give you my opinion on what's worth. I know you guys don't have like a million ducats and 20 million credits, so let's see.

I'm not gonna refer to things such as: cosmetics ... like the awesome optical skin, or the attachments for the sentinel, or maybe this unicorn like thing ... this is up to you guys if you like the cosmetics or not.

But when it comes to prime mods, we got prime Pistol Ammo Mutation, which I recommend you stay away from. It's honestly a waste this one; Should only be bought if you're like a collector and you want all the primes in the game (primed mods there is). Prime Pressure Point, Prime Reach and Prime Crowns however, are all power, and I do recommend you guys pick up all of them now. 

Out of the free the ... let's say weakest ... if you will, will be Prime Pressure Point, because the difference between the prime version and the normal version is only 45% melee damage, and it costs a lot to actually put it up to 165. So if you don't have enough ducats, or enough credits, and you only can buy two .... then Prime Reach together with Prime Cryo Rounds should prove more worth.

Prisma Tetra ... now this weapon looks absolutely amazing, and if you're a fan of the Prisma ... you're probably gonna get this one anyway, but if you're looking for a super high-end, kick-ass weapon ...  this is not it. 

If you want to find out more about the Vulkar Wraith, Prisma Shade, Kavat masking kit, and so onplease check the video below:  

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hek Build 2018 (Guide) - The Beginner Shotgun (Warframe Gameplay)

When I first started out in Warframe, I was so jealous of my friends doing tons and tons of damage, while I still had trouble getting to the extract point on time. One of them told me go to the market, buy a blueprint for the hex shotgun, make it and go nuts. Little did I know back then that this weapon was gonna carry me all the way to mastery Rank 10.

 Hey guys, hello and welcome back. As always my name is Leyzar and today we're talking about the standard version of the Hek Shotgun. With a mastery lock out of only 4 ... I believe this one to be the
ideal starter shotgun. As such, this video will take a new player friendly approach simply because there's a lot of information here that most of the time, simply, get skipped over.

Let's jump into the stats, so we can talk about mod capacity, the default stats of the weapon and what you will need to do to get the most out of your Heck.

First and foremost mod capacity is 60 out of 60 and your mod capacity might be only 30. You amplify this by jumping into actions and installing an Orokin Catalyst. This can be found from alerts, invasions, or if you're lucky, from the daily sortie, but you probably might not have access to the sortie right now. Is it worth pouring an Orokin Catalyst in your Heck, yes is definitely worth.
This is a potent early game weapon.

Where do you get forma blueprints from, combining elemental damage types, how status chance works on a shotgun? Find out all the info you need by watching the video below:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Warframe (Guide) - Farm Corrupted Mods (Overextended | Fleeting Expertise | Transient Fortitude)

Expertise, Transient fortitude, Narrow Minded ...
Where do these mods come from? And the answer is ... well ... The Void. You got Volt runs, and today I'm gonna show you exactly what you need to do, and what is the best way of farming these mods.

These are the Corrupted Mods, the mods that give you something, but also take something from
you. Corrupted Mods are dual stat mods (one positive and one negative stat). These mods can stack with their singular counterparts.

So let's go on a hunt! What we're gonna be doing is outlining the fact that everybody has a type of key equipped: Decaying Dragon Key, Extinguished Bubbled and Bleeding Dragon Key. All of these Keys have different negative effects on your Warframe. You're gonna have to find an Orokin Vault which will be guaranteed present in a Derelict Mission.

We found one already ... you see, it's marked with a point number two (video) and what we're doing right now is essentially ...  a speedrun. We're doing really really fast farming now. Let's see what kind of vault did we find there ... okay ...  Decaying.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dread Build 2018 (Guide) - Full Testing & Endgame Variations (Warframe Gameplay)

Today I want to showcase a build for the Dread.

Let's talk about the best bow in the game, and I know that's a heated debate. Usually people settle between kind of three bows.

You have of course the Dread, which you get from the Stalker, and don't worry about it, you're gonna get plenty of blueprints for this one. I think I got like 15 Dread blueprints from the  Stalker, but no War, for example. 

Another one of the ... let's say best bows in the game would be the Rakta Cernos. Now, the Rakta Cernos is a syndicate weapon, and you're gonna need either syndicate standing, or a friend with syndicate standing, to get you this bow. There are a lot of differences between these two, and we're not gonna go into the whole heated debate (which is better and all what not), today we're talking about the Dread.

My Dread have been format four times. For this build you won't have to format this much. I simply did it because I have a Riven mod for it. So let's jump into the build:

There are a few key components to every dread build, for the  most part, then I'm gonna outline them, and then we can get to play around a little bit, depending on what exactly we're doing with the final mod. So, first and foremost, I got a 60 mod capacity. 

There are a couple of mandatory mods for Dread, one of them is Point Strike. As you can see in the base stats, it has a pretty high critical chance, and we want to amplify that even further, so we're gonna pop in a Point Strike. What Point Strike does? It offers more critical chance. 

One of the mods and I see some people use is Heavy Caliber: this gives a huge amount of damage, but at the cost of accuracy. I don't recommend it on a weapon that has a low fire rate, like the Dread. 

Check the link below to watch the full guide.

(The way I approach my builds, my tutorials, it's usually a bit more New player-friendly, simply because nobody really explained these things to me, and I want to explain them to new players as well)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Prisma Gorgon Build 2018 (Guide) - The Endgame Gorgon (Warframe Gameplay)

When you hear Gorgon, do you think Endgame weapon?
Probably not, because the base version of the Gorgon is not exactly great. However, we have two additional versions, which pack a much greater wallop: the Prisma Gorgon and the Wraith Gorgon

Hello and welcome back. Today we're gonna be talking about the Prisma Gorgon. I'm gonna be outlining a couple of builds for this fantastic weapon: one is a cheap build, that anybody can get their hands on, something affordable, that new players can get into, but we also have a bit of a Riven to check out some "Endgame potential".

So, let's jump right into the Prisma Gorgon. First  why don't we start off by comparing the stats between the Gorgon Wraith and the Prisma Gorgon ( I haven't included the base version here because ... well to be frank, it's kind of pointless) 

As you can see on the lower right corner (video), the accuracy, critical chance, critical multiplier, fire rate and magazine size are all much better on the Prisma Gorgon; However, the status chance and flat base damage is better on the Gorgon Wraith. Which is better it's a bit of a heated debate, and I'm not gonna get into that ... I'm just gonna say that I prefer the Prisma Gorgon, and that's what we're gonna be talking again today about.

Please check the link below for a full build (Guide) for Prisma Gorgon.