Thursday, January 21, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Li-Ming the Wizard Confirmed (Ranged Assassin)

Dustin Browder Confirmed the Wizard Li-Ming as being a Ranged Assassin that will soon come to Heroes of the Storm (HotS) He also confirmed Xul the Necromancer (Melee Specialist)

Li-Ming Abilities :

Magic Missiles (Q) - A skill-shot ability fired at a target point. This needs to be aimed very precisely, as the target point is very specific.
Arcane Orb (W) - Another skill-shot that fires at a long range and deals AOE damage on impact, but is not very fast. The trick to this is that the damage is increased the farther away Li-Ming is, so you’ll want to cast it and run to maximize damage.
Teleport (E) - A short-distance, short-cooldown teleport that is specifically characterized as the opposite of the Bolt of the Storm talent.
Disintegration Beam (R1) - Her first heroic ability which can be used to sweep back and forth across enemies and cause great damage.
Wave of Force (R2) - Her second heroic ability which lets you remotely detonate a telekinetic bomb that pushes the enemies around and is a great counter against back-line characters.
Trait: Resets all of her cooldowns, including heroics, when she's part of a kill or an Assist.

Notes: Li-Ming is easy to understand, but really getting the most out of her is extremely challenging. She apparently will be mana constrained and that's how they will balance her. Originally came out from an idea on the team to have a hero with multiple skillshots.

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