Monday, January 11, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Ranked Gameplay) - Stunlock Meta - HotS Team League (Tomb of the Spider Queen)

Heroes of the Storm Ranked Gameplay in Team League on Tomb of the Spider Queen Battleground.
The Red tean opted for a early game gank squad with Diablo, Tyrande and Jaina focused on roaming and ganking, while the Red opted for a more tanky approach with two main tanks in the for of Johanna and Muradin
This is the Third episode of this new series so you will have to excuse my lack of commentary experience but I am working on it so it will get better in time.

Team Compositions :
Blue :
Kael'thas / Raynor / Muradin /  Lt. Morales / Johanna

Red :
Diablo / Tyrande / Zagara / Zeratul /Jaina