Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ani's StoryTime - King Genn Greymane (World of Warcraft Lore)

The second episode of Ani's StoryTime brings you the story of a memorable character in Wold of Warcraft: Genn Greymane, the king of Gilneas.

We will pass through the most important events, starting with Gilneas joining the alliance during the Second War, and the reasons behind that decision, the building of Greymane's Wall and later, the impossible situation of the Gilnean people caught between the invasion of the forsaken and the curse of the Worgen. 

The battle of Gilneas brings a tragedy in his family, the loss of his son, Liam. The majority of the Gilnean population was forced to leave in a mass exodus of Gilneas because of the information that Sylvanas is going to use the Plague, only Crowley and the militant forces remained behind, attempting to rout the Forsaken out of Gilneas. 
With the Cataclysm coming, we follow the story and show the events after the evacuation of the gilnean people, they'r attempt of rejoining the alliance, the conflict between Genn and Varian Wrynn, and the battle against the horde forces led by Garrosh Hellscream

During Blizzcon 2015 Blizzard made the announce of Greymane's joining the Nexus in January 2016.
In Heroes of the storm Genn Greymane is a hybrid between a melee and ranged assassin.

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