Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Lunara Gameplay on Dragon Shire

The Dryad Lunara has been launched in Heroes of the Storm so that means it's time for some Gameplay. The HotS Quick Match was carried on the Dragons Shire battleground with a close early game with my team managing to pull away mid-game, the enemy team managed to secure a late Dragon Knight but having one down meant they could not get a advantage out of it, which led to our victory. My initial impressions of the Assassin Lunara are very good. She is capable of dealing high amounts of damage and posses high mobility...however that package comes bundled up in a very low HP package with no hard escape. I see her as being a high skill-cap hero for those who can get used to her movement system and have lighting-quick reflexes. I will put some time into her after which I will bring you my signature Build Guide, Kill Compilation and ofc Rank 1 Ranked Gameplay.