Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Lunara Supreme Poke Build - Sentinel Skin

More Lunara Gameplay in Heroes of the Storm. This time i will showcase my supreme poke build in HotS Quick Match mode. The Build focuses on maximizing your range in order to offer you more survivability and it also increases damage by augmenting Nature's Toxin. Coupled together that means more dots on your opponents while still being able to keep a safe distance. Please keep in mind that Lunara is a veru squishy hero with no hard escape so maintaining a safe position will be vital. A dead assassin damages no one. Sentinel skin on Garden of Terror. If you enjoy the video stay tuned for my full Lunara Build Guide, Kill Compilation and Rank 1 Ranked Gmaeplay which should be available soon.

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The Supreme Poke Build :

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