Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let me Try - Astray (PC Game on Steam)

Astray is a first person horror/puzzle game set in a recent past setting, the action takes place at and around a old museum.... So is it any good ? Short answer is "Yes it is".
Let's get into the "why?"

-Very good atmospheric sound, highlighting unusual events such as a door slamming with good directional placement.
-The graphics are done well for a game of this price, never being to dodgy to break the feeling.
-The UI is minimalist which in my opinion is ideal because it helps you get fully immersed into the actual game.
-The plot is moved along by notes which you can find scattered across all of the exhibits, it pays to read these so you get the overall picture of what is going on in the scary old museum.
-The puzzles are pretty straight forward from what i played never being to complicated and frustrating the player, the point of such a game is not to put your brain on overdrive with solving puzzles but to give you a rush of adrenaline.

The wrap this up i would like to point out that i do not play allot of horror games because well... I'm a bit sensitive to them :) so keep that in mind. I do not think that a hard-core player of horror games will be to scared but for a occasional player such as myself the game delivers the punch it sets out to.
You can not really ask more then the game provides at this price point, its a solid recommendation from me.
If you would like to get a better view on the game you can check out my first impressions video: