Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let me try NS2 Combat

A frantic team based shooter with great strategic possibilities and some decent play-stile options. 

I found the aliens to be a bit more fun then your average run of the mill marines but both sides have something unique to offer.
If you enjoy fast passed team shooters then you should enjoy this.

The only con i found is that atm there are only 5 maps and 2 game mods... would have loved to see some more of each. However the developers did state that they are committed to enrich these two aspects and more.
And maybe that some animations are a bit "off" but at this price you can't really expect the triple A treatment.

Keep in mind i never played the original Natural Selection 2 so i do not know how it stacks up against the combat mod in NS2. I say this because i see some people are up in arms against this tittle because of the existence of said mod in NS2. My advice ? judge for yourself and make your own decision whatever that may be.

This video should give you a clearer view on the game itself and hopefully assist you in your decision.