Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let me Try Magnetic by Nature (PC version)

So what is Magnetic by Nature ?

It's a puzzle platformer centered around one mechanic. Magnetism.
You can attract yourself to these magnets or attract them to you in order to position them properly to pass through the level. You can repel yourself off them or repel the magnet itself into a favorable position. Depending on what series of levels you are doing there are additional mechanics that interact with the magnets to offer more gameplay variety.

How dose it "feel" like ?
How can i describe this to you... it feels.. relaxing...harmonious if you will. It gives off a vibe i only found in Journey (yes i'm willing to go that far!)
The graphics are simple but classy and don't steal you away from the game itself and the music sets the "laid back" atmosphere of the game.

What am i supposed to do ? Where is the difficulty ?
Enjoy the experience, just sit back in the comfort of your chair or couch (fully playable with mouse and keyboard, keyboard alone and 360 controller) and just go through the game without trying to achieve anything, just go with the flow.
Tiered after a long day at work ? had one of those days ? Want to take a blunt object and re-arrange your bosses anatomy ? Fire-up MBN and unwind, belive it or not it can work wonders.
The difficulty dose not come in the shape of "how hard it is to pass a level" but in "how fast can you finish a level".

Story ?
Through a short but heart-warming intro that shows a little robot all alone and sad because he cant reactivate one of his robot friends MBN got me more interested then triple-A 5 minute intros. I genuinely wanted to repower my sad looking robot friend. Can't get that feeling in CoD now can you ?...
That's all i have to say because i don't want to spoil anymore.
In my opinion this is how "lore" should be done in a platformer, short, to the point and effective. Not many people play platformers for the lore, most do it for gameplay... don't you ?

My thoughts ?
It's one of the few original releases i seen all year. 
Considering the price, the feel, the look and the new mechanics... It's a no-brainer.
If you chose not to give it a shot then you will be missing out on a great experience.

For clearer view you can check out my first impressions video