Thursday, December 11, 2014

Let me Try - JUJU (PC Game on Steam)

JuJu is a delightful platformer aimed at a more casual crowd. Make no mistake thou, this is a modern platformer having all the elements it needs.

It's not a particularly hard game but then again you will not exactly play it with one had. There are secret areas to complete and bosses to beat!
Perhaps a ideal crowd for this specific tittle would be children but any fun loving adult can enjoy it as-well.
There is 2 player co-op either both on keyboard or controller or one of each. You can drop in and out of co-op without needing to restart or go back to a checkpoint or any of that nonsense, just drop in and drop out.
My only issue with JUJU is that it seems to be tailored more for girls then for boys. There is a male version of JUJU which you can play in CO-OP but you cant use said character in single player... which i find really odd.
Fore more details you can check out my first impressions video on JUJU :

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