Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let me Try Foresight (PC Game on Steam)

Today's RTS options are rather limited and i was hoping Foresight would change this. Sadly it dose not...let's get into it.

I am going to let you know from the start that the game feels rushed and unfinished. It feels more like Early Acces rather then release material. It has forced vsync... which creates mouse lag... in a RTS game this is not acceptable. You can work around this... for nVidia users you can create a profile for the game in the nVidia control panel, and force vsync off. This will resolve the lag issue and unlock the frames.

There is NO controls menu.. so never-mind changing keys on a PC tittle... you can not even see what the controls are... and the tutorial dose not do the best job of pointing them out. The voice acting in the game is nothing short of terrible... it would have been better with text only. The graphics... are bearable for a tittle of this price but i seen better graphics on games that cost half as much. The AI dose not prio attacking units from structures and it just mindlessly plunges ahead shooting the first red thing it comes across regardless of whatever else it has around. At least this is what i found from the first 3 missions which is all i could go through before being to frustrated to continue. This is mostly because of the awkward controls and the lack of information about the controls. Because i did not play past the third mission i can not speak to the actual strategy in this game... what it prioritizes, what are its values or what approach it takes. It's not all bad... there are some good ideas here. The squadron / fleet concept is very interesting from my perspective and so is the sector mapping, the artwork presented in the cut-scenes is top notch! But all of these pale if the gameplay hinders the player. I do not know why Strides rushed this tittle out...but i got a sneaking suspicion (the usual reason)

I hope they will be allowed to continue the development of this project and that in time we will get a decent RTS out of it (at least...) For now however i can find no justifiable reason for spending 23 euro on this version...maybe if you are really REALLY passionate about RTS games...maybe then. What else can i say... another sad day for RTS fans...unfortunately we kinda got used to it by now.

For a clearer view on the game you can watch my first impressions video :