Thursday, November 27, 2014

Let me Try - Congo: The Game (PC Early Access on Steam)

Congo is a top-down Co-op Action horror survival game where you have to complete objectives while fending-off hordes of "demons".

Along the way you will need to gather resources such as weapons, ammunition, revive kits, compasses, maps ? and so on and so forth.
If you ignore the boxes of resources you'll quickly find yourself either dead from a severe case of lack of bullets or that you can not proceed because you forgot to pick up a pair of pliers or a canister of gas.
From my time with the game i can tell you its much more fun with friends then in single player (just make sure your friends can shoot straight...)
So, the best recipe is to gather a few mates grab a pizza and have a go at it.
The boxes containing resources are randomly generated adding a bit of replay value... so you will not know where to get X tool or Y weapon. 
The "something is coming" feeling is well felt mostly because of the sound-work, the tropical white-noise plus the vegetation displacement sound effects are done very well and relay the intended message to the player.
The graphics are decent for a game of this price, delivering on what it's suppose to while being nothing special. The animations are "off" if you ask me but i hope this aspect gets some attention during the early access stage.
There are no checkpoints which i found, so if you mess-up and die you get punished for it and have to begin from the start of the mission. I detest the current hand-holding trend so this is a big plus for me.
The camera did play a few tricks on me but considering this is early access i expect this to be resolved by launch. Camera can always be tricky in these top-down games....not my favorite.
I do hope they add more levels, more objectives and a much larger variety of enemies to fight, the monkeys do get boring after a short while.

In my opinion it looks decent for a Early Access Tittle, much better then many others that come along asking much higher prices.
I did not run into any game-breaking bugs, just a slight pop-in here and a slight stutter there.
I did not play a ton of the game so take all information given here with a grain of salt and as always judge for yourselves if this tittle is worth your time and money.

For a clearer view you can watch my first impressions video.