Friday, April 8, 2016

Heroes of the Storm Ranked Gameplay - Johanna of Tarth Build

Heroes of the Storm Ranked Gameplay in Team League featuring Johanna on Dragon Shire. Joey excels on this battleground because of her very potent wave clear, on Dragon Shire you wave clear as fast as you can then start rotating to bot/top and try to gain an advantage like that while not losing the XP off your lane. HotS Team League Gameplay using the Master Johanna skin and Judgement Charger Mount. 
Draft 05:48

The Build I used is pretty much meta, she does have very little wiggle room when it comes talent diversity and for the time being she is the most tanky tank you can have.

What is Heroes of the Storm or HotS :
Heroes of the Storm (originally titled Blizzard DOTA and later changed to Blizzard All-Stars) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The game features heroes from Blizzard's franchises including Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and The Lost Vikings.