Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Enter Tracer, Artanis Buff

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Enter Tracer, Artanis Buff (HotS Balance Patch 17.2)
Key Subjects :
- New Hero Tracer
- Greymane buff/nerf
- Artanis Buff
- Early Game Punisher buff (Infernal Shrines)
- Sad situations addressed on Towers of Doom but "the dance" continues.
Official Patch Notes :

The Tracer Patch arrived with few goodies, so far I have seen only bitterness over the Greymane changes, while I personally like changes that forces a player to be more skillful in his execution of a hero, the reward for a masterful play needs to be there. I'm not sure if the new Cocktail is worth it and I rather bet on snowball (testing required). Ever since Artanis was released we had a problem with his Q ability, more precisely the rewind part which is not controllable through any means. Blizzard tries to "fix" Artanis by going around the problem and so they added a gap-closer to his base kit... In my humble opinion this merry-go-round could have been avoided by just giving us more control over blade dash.
As for Tracer ... enjoy it while it lasts!