Monday, March 14, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Xul Nerf, Nova Buff, Dehaka signs ?...

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Xul Nerf & Nova Buff & Rehgar Re-Re-Nerf & Sign of Dehaka ? (HotS Balance Update 16.5)

Key Topics :
- Nova Buff
- Xul Nerf 
- Rehgar Nerf (The Trilogy)
- New Possible Hero Dehaka or Vol'jin

Official Patch Notes :

Not a lot of balance changes this patch but I am happy to see more buffs to our sexy sniper, the Xul nerfs where completely justified and I will follow his progress to see how hard was he affected. Rehgar now has a big bullseye painted on his back and it will be fun to play "catch the wolf". Maybe the most interesting new is a potential new Hero... my money is on Dehaka but Vol'jin is not out of the question.

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