Thursday, March 24, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Hero Changes | Talent re-works (Dehaka Patch 17.0 Part 2)

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Reworks: Kael'thas Illidan Tychus Sylvanas Gazlowe (Dehaka Patch 17.0 Part 2)

Key Topics :
- Kael'thas Rework 12:48
- Illidan Rework 1:23
- Tychus Rework 24:49
- Sylvanas Rework 40:46
- Gazlowe Rework 36:00

Official Patch Notes :

It is impossible to predict how all of the changes will play out or how they will exactly affect the meta. For now all I can promiss is updated build guide videos for each of the re-work heroes. From all of this I take away the new pleasant form of "quest talents" blizz came up with. A job well done from my PoV