Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Zagara Build Guide (HotS Quick Match)

Time to revisit Zagara in a full Gameplay Build Guide for Heroes of the Storm. Time has passed and Zagy remains the same, still the same old supreme lane bully, still the vision giver and still has tons of hero damage, mostly single target and lets not forget devouring maw which is one of the best area of effect crowd control in the game. HotS Quick Match using the Master Zagara skin and Void Speeder Mount. In this Build Guide format we go through each of the talent tiers and i give you my input on what to chose and when, also I try offer insight on how abilities can work in specific scenarios (tacts). Blizzard did state that Xul will be able to push Zag out of the lane, will it be so ? Time will tell but I am very interested to finally see a Hero capable of making that happen.

The Meta Build :