Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ani's StoryTime - Li-Ming the Wizard (Diablo Lore)

Ani is bringing you today the story of Li-Ming, the wizard from the Diablo universe

Li-Ming was born in Xiansai. At the age of 7, after the Miracle of the Heron River Valley she travels across the desert, to study at the Yshari Sanctum, located in Caldeum. She started her training with Isendra, the sorceress that went to war against the Lords of Hell. Li-Ming quickly exhausted the extent of Isendra’s knowledge, and at that moment Valthek took over her education. 
Years later Valthek and Li-Ming reconnect with Isendra in Lut Bahadur. After a series of events Isendra is being found dead. We follow the story explaining the events that took place, the fight that Li-Ming will have before leaving Yshari Sanctum, and the reasons behind that decision. 

In Heroes of the Storm, Li-Ming is a ranged assassin. She is the wizard class representative from the Diablo universe.
With her joining the game, all the classes in Diablo have now a representative in the Nexus

Li-Ming, the Wizard Lore is the third episode of Ani's StoryTime Series.