Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Li-Ming, The Wizard (PTR HotS Quick Match)

The Wizard Li-Ming was released on the Heroes of the Storm PTR so it's time for some Gameplay. Initial impressions are strong and I believe her to be a real powerful addition to the Roster. In the following days I will further try and show you different builds and a final Build Guide. Rank 1 Ranked Gameplay (Hero League) as always is in the schedule , but for that she first needs to be released on the Live Servers. HotS Quick Match using the Star Princess skin and Star Chariot Mount.

Who is Li Ming ?
Li-Ming was born in Xiansai and brought to the Yshari Sanctum by Isendra at the age of seven. Valthek took her training under his personal control after he has caught her looking into the forbidden archives and studying forbidden spells. From the first days, Isendra believed that a prophecy was actually talking about Li-Ming, even though everyone except the two of them had been quite skeptical.

Like Isendra herself, Li-Ming dismissed most of the warnings, and refused to ignore the needs of people around Caldeum. At the age of 16, she saved the city of Lut Bahadur from drought by bringing water back. However, the Mage Clans' attention was focused on Isendra — they believed that she was influencing Li-Ming.

Li-Ming discovered Isendra's mangled body shortly after the Sorceress was assassinated in the eastern desert. Questioning Valthek, she concluded that Isendra died unnaturally, and eventually confronted him about this. Even though he tried to stop Li-Ming, she left the Sanctum after besting him in combat (with relative ease, due to the secrets she uncovered).

After Isendra's death, Li-Ming (now age 19) ventured to New Tristram, pursuing a sighting of a fallen star.

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