Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Lt. Morales the Medic (Apothecary Skin)

The Medic Lt. Morales is now live on the PTR so that means Heroes of the Storm Gameplay. This was my second match with our new support and initial impressions are pretty good. Very strong single target healing but seems to relay a bit on the team to stay safe having no actual escape ability. Keep in mind that these are only first impressions having played only two games with her. In the following days I will do a lot more Morales content so we can get a better idea of what how we can build her and after I am confident I know everything there is to know about her I will do a Guide. In this HotS Quick Match i used the Apothecary skin and Judgement Charger mount.

Lt. Morales is the newest Support class about to enter Heroes of the Storm, the video showcasing Lt. Morales’ abilities. She is the second support hero from the StarCraft universe to enter the game (after Tassadar). The gameplay video demonstrates her kit and how she can affect the flow of team battles.

Her abilities are focused around healing, damage mitigation, and movement. Caduceus Reactor (her trait), lets her regenerate 3 percent of her max health every second after going 4 seconds without taking any damage. This provides her with incredible longevity in the field meaning she can help stay in lane longer without needing to use a Healing Well or using the Hearthstone to regenerate health and mana as often.