Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Rexxar Gameplay (Abilities Spotlight)

From Gamescom word of the infamous hunter Rexxar in Heroes of the Storm. Apperently he will be the next hero to be launched after the monk Kharazim and Infernal Shrines battleground. This abilities spotlight is all the information available at this time

Spirit Swoop (Q) - summons a Hawk in a straight line that slows enemies hit.
Misha, Charge! (W) - Misha charges towards a location, stunning enemies hit.
Mend Pet (E) - heals Rexxar and Misha (if she's nearby)
Bestial Wrath (R1) - greatly boost Misha's fighting capabilities.
Unleash the Boars (R2) - summons boars that charge towards enemy Heroes, greatly slowing them on impact, and revealing them.

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