Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Kharazim the Monk Gameplay (Abilities Spotlight)

From Gamescom Kharazim the Monk is revealed for Heroes of the Storm! He should be launched with the new Infernal Shrines Battleground and after that we should get Rexxar. In this video you can see his abilities, please keep in mind that i made this spotlight from all the current available information at this time.

Radiant Dash (Q) - quickly teleport to a friendly or enemy Hero. (seems to have multiple charges)
Breath of Heaven (W) - heals Kharazim and other nearby heroes. (seems to boost their movement speed as well, but could be a specific talent)
Deadly Reach (E) - extends his attack range and deals bonus damage on attacks.
Seven-Sided Strike (R1) - becomes untargetable and lands 7 attacks on nearby enemies. (likely prioritizes Heroes)
Divine Palm (R2) - puts an allied hero in Stasis (invulnerable) and greatly heals them if they are killed during that.

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