Sunday, August 16, 2015

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Kharazim Build Guide (HotS Quick Match)

Kharazim is the only Diablo support present in Heroes of the Storm. And after a lot of Gameplay it is time to do a comprehensive Build Guide for our flexible Monk. The game was record on the PTR in HotS Quick Match mode. Keep in mind that all information presented is accurate at the time of publishing. I still owe you guys some Ranked Gameplay with Kharazim but I will do that when the patch goes live. For now i would definitely recommend the monk for your supports line-up.

Some Lore :
After a lifetime of training, Kharazim was allowed to leave the monastery and travel the world, fulfilling the will of the gods. Think he wants to forget about the torture he endured at the monastery? Never. As a parting gift and a symbol of his achievement in not dying at the monastery, an emblem was tattooed on his forehead. The Sahptev monks even go so far as to tattoo their precious life memories all over their backs. They are so proud that they have tattoos intricately drawn, chronicling all the adventures and hardships they have faced in their lives. Now Kharazim is continuing his journey by traveling the path to rid the world of evil, excited to add the next story to his tattoos.