Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Fields of Slaughter & Arena Mode

Now please note that this information has been data-mined from the latest Heroes of the Storm PTR build so this is in no way final and is subject to change.

Arena Mode :
Blizzard is experimenting with circling minion AI for unreleased maps where the name "Fields of Slaughter" (Battleground Map) came up. Now for those of you who don't play Diablo 3 the Fields of Slaughter is a zone in Act III, north of the Bridge of Korsikk. The zone is home to the Machines of War event.
Additional info on arena mode indicates Different hero picking schedules, 15 second maximum death timers for heroes and a primary objective that is not "kill the core".

The Tyrael's Charger mount will be apart of a bundle which includes 3 
Diablo, Valla, Tyrael and 3 skins : Angelic Valla, Archangel Diablo and Seraphim Tyrael. No word on the actual pricing.

Big improvements to the Bots AI which include Better jungle, Improved situational thinking and decision making.
Treasure goblins have a 100% chance to appear if somebody hasn't finished his or hers quest. 30% chance if everybody has completed the quest.