Saturday, May 9, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Kael'thas (Abilities)

First look at Kael'thas (Kael) and his abilities. He is one of the newest additions to Heroes of the Storm.

Original video material posted by HeroesNexus.

Title: The Sun King
Role: Assassin
Franchise: Warcraft

[Combat Trait] Arcane Torrent (D) (Active) 45 sec cooldown
Verdant Spheres generate charge every 45 seconds up to 3 Spheres. When using Arcane Torrent, you release Verdant Sphere charges, generating mana equal to 15% of your maximum mana for each charge. Each ability cast by you and around you shorten generation time by 1 second.

Flamestrike (Q) 65 Mana, no cooldown
Casts Flamestrike after 2 seconds. Deals (175 + 35 per level) damage and leaves Burning Ground for 6 seconds. Enemies standing on Burning Ground have their damage taken increased by 25%. Effect does not stack.

Banish (W) 75 Mana, 12 sec cooldown
Turns hero ethereal for 4 seconds. Ethereal units are immune to basic attacks while also being unable to use basic attacks and they take 25% increased damage from spells and lose 25% of their movement speed. Effect is 100% stronger on minions and lasts twice as long. Can't be used on Golems.

Fireball (E) 85 mana, no cooldown
Casts Fireball after 2.5 seconds on targeted enemy that hit the first Hero or Structure they come in contact with for (200 + 50 per level) damage. Cast is not interrupted even if target goes out of range.

[Ultimate 1] Phoenix (R) 200 mana, 90 sec cooldown after being killed
Calls down Phoenix to help in battle with (1750 + 375 per level) health. Can be controlled. Burns nearby area for 2.5% of enemy maximum health per second and also attacks targeted enemy unit (50 + 12 per level) damage per second. Loses 5% health per second and upon death transforms into egg with (700 + 150 per level) health that if not killed within 5 seconds will reset ultimate cooldown.

[Ultimate 2] Gravity Lapse (R) 150 mana, 45 sec cooldown

Lifts all enemies up in a targeted area for 2 seconds. Heroes can cast spells and use basic attack but not move. After duration ends deals (536 + 56 per level) damage.

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