Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Tassadar Gameplay

My build for Tassadar (gameplay) in Heroes of the Storm using the Rainbow Unicorn mount.

Keep in mind that your choice in talents may have to differ depending on your setup/map and enemy team
This is not a guide.


(D) Oracle
Greatly increases your vision radius and allows you to detect enemy Heroes. Lasts for 7 seconds.

(R) Archon
Transform into an Archon, gaining a 1000 (240 + 40 per level) point Shield, causing Basic Attacks to deal 304 (76 + 12 per level) damage and splash for 152 (38 + 6 per level) additional damage. Lasts for 15 seconds.

(R) Force Wall
Create a wall that blocks all units from moving through it for 2.5 seconds.

(Q) Plasma Shield
Shield target ally, absorbing 1000 (240 + 40 per level) damage for 8 seconds.

(E) Dimensional Shift
Become invulnerable and fully invisible for 1.5 seconds.

(W) Psionic Storm
Deal 240 (50 + 10 per level) damage per second to enemies in target area for 3 seconds.

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