Monday, January 19, 2015

Let me Try - Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame

I am not going to waste your time or mine so i'm telling you from the start that this game is not finished and has major issues.

But first...what i do like :
-Graphical style is charming and fresh
-The mood the game sets...somehow trying to mirror Journey
-The few but nice narrative music solos

And the issues :
-Mouse lag in the menus and no support for keyboard navigation
-You can not overwrite a already in progress game
-Some puzzles bug-out and stop working
-No subtitles so you may or may not understand what is going on
-Frames locked at 60
-Main menu looks and is underwhelming.

Overall there is no doubt this game is rushed and un-optimized.
It is simply another case of a great idea full of potential that is trashed by rushing a unfinished product to market...Why you ask ? I'm guessing the usual reason.
I can not recommend such a game to anyone...shame... i was looking forward to this.
You can check out my first impressions video for a clearer view

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Game: Puzzle platformer
Release Date: 19 Jan, 2015
Developer: Basecamp Games
Price on Steam: 14,99€