Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let me Try - Dragon The Game (PC Early Access on Steam)

Dragon wants to be a open world RPG where you play a actual Dragon and can evolve over time.
The concept details moral choices for your character ( yes.. the dragon) and loads of customization.
There are good signs of things to come but today (09/11/2014) there is no reason i can think of that anybody should pay the obscene asking price of 18 euro. You can not charge such a price for a product in this state, even IF it will evolve over time.
Being a very ... VERY early access the game is filled with bugs and glitches, expect everything.

What can you do today (09/11/2014) in the game ?
-Fly as a dragon (when it dose not buggout)
-Use flame breath to burn down buildings

I honestly hope that this tittle will become something great, but that day is not today (09/11/2014)
I will check back on this tittle when updates are available and maybe do a follow-up video if i think it's warranted.
In the mean time you can check my initial impressions video