Thursday, December 4, 2014

Heroes of the Storm - Jaina Gameplay

Ever since this year's Blizzcon took place, everybody was waiting for this release. and ... it is understandable.

As most of you know, Jaina is coming from  the Warcraft universe. She's a sorceress. She was sent to investigate the situation in Northland Lordaeron, and to uncover if the plague had magical origins. She was escorted by her best friend, Price Arthas Menethil. If you don't know all the story you can read the book, and no,it wont snow in hell if you do, or ...just go and play Warcraft 3, because the story is awesome

So, in Heroes of the Storm Jaina is a Ranged Assassin.

While the actual video focuses on the gameplay, i'm planing to play her more, and we will be coming back with a build/ maybe even guide video.

Today's patch has come with allot of other new things that we have been talking about in the video. 
In few words:

  • 2 new bundles. "Winter Veil Jaina Bundle" and "Winter Veil Complete Bundle". The difference being that the complete bundle contains not only Jaina and the Winter Veil skin, but also Reign-Deer mount and Rhegar Winter Veil Skin, which in my opinion is awesome. 
  • Visual improvements for skins: i am talking about Kerrigan, E.T.C, Malfurion, and Sgt. Hammer
  • Master skins for: E.T.C, Jaina and Malfurion. Now i'm sure some of you will work hard to bring them to lvl 10!
  • The new Stimpacks: More xp...more gold, if you want to spend some real money for it! What is stimpack doing? While active, it will give 100% additional xp and 150 % additional gold earned. But be aware that this doesn't apply to the other bonuses, like ...weekend bonus, or playing with friends bonus. Stimpack is currently inactive, but it was already introduced to the shop.
  • Specific heroes modification
You can  read all the patch notes Here