Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Illidan Nerf, Kael'thas Buff

Heroes of the Storm (Patch Review) - Illidan Nerf, Kael'thas Buff, Li-Ming Nerf (HotS Balance Update 17.1)

Key Topics :
- Illidan Nerf
- Li-Ming Nerf 
- Falstad Mighty Gust Nerf 
- Unused Heroics Buff
- Kael'thas Buff
- Tychus Buff & Nerf

Official Patch Notes : http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/...

Balancing was expected after the huge hero reworks that arrived in the previous Patch. Blizzard continues to try and make Heroics feel heroic yet somehow the nerf to Sunder seems awkward. The CD increase to Flastad Mighty Gust was a long time coming I feel and I would love to see Hinterland Blast remake an appearance. Tychus and Kael'thas came of looking a little under-powered after their reworks which makes the change to Master Assassin all the more puzzling, hopefully the changes to Kael will bring him up in terms of viability....as for Tychus... I am not sure this is what he needed right now